Monday, September 6, 2010

Question for all you out there.....

I was reading a post at 2Peas about being able to search for photo orientation on sketch blogs.

I tried putting a search feature in, but a bunch of other stuff came up when looking for a certain number of photos.  I then started putting labels in about the photo orientation.  Only problem with that is there are now a large number of labels in the list.  I could now take out the number of photos labels as the other covers it also.

Any thoughts on this from my blog readers??

Thanks!!  I just want to make this blog as easy to navigate as possible.


  1. Personally...I rarely search for direction of the photo(s). My sketch searches are for number of photos. I scrap 12x12 and just about any LO can be rotated to fit or, worst case, a photo can be cropped square.

  2. As Sherri said, orientation is not a factor when I'm searching for sketches. I also prefer to search by number of photos, and I also rotate my sketches if that is better for my photos.

    Also, I gotta confess, when a blog has a long list of labels of categories (more than 10), I just start ignoring the list...

  3. I prefer just to look through the sketches with the number of photos I'm going to use. Orientation doesn't really matter to me, because if the orientation of the photos don't fit what I have, I'll change the sketch around.

    I really use sketches as a starting point and they rarely look like the original sketch.

  4. I agree with the above, but it is nice sometimes to find it by orientation. However, I do think that Zaira is right. The list gets too long and then it is overwhelming.

  5. I'm not as big on orientation either since I usually can get the orientation to work either way. But I do like that you have the option to look it up that way - makes finding the LOs you seek much easier - I'm going to look for one tonight - I have some that have a mix of vertical and horizontal.

  6. I usually search for number of photos too. I just really love your blog as I almost exclusively scrapbook with 4X6 photos. Thanks for helping me by sharing these ideas!

  7. Number of photos is adequate for me, too.